Home Floors: One Story or Two?

A 2002 survey found out that more than half of Americans preferred one-story homes over two-story ones. The baby boomer generation can be credited for that

With many Americans reaching their golden years, their limited mobility will make two-story homes an impractical choice. Yet, there’s still no right or wrong answer, just like choosing between a new or used car. In the end, it will all boil down to what the buyer really needs in a home. Here’s a comparison of one and two-story properties.


Many cities place restrictions on lateral expansion or zoning; a house can’t expand beyond the specified limit, even if it’s his or her property. Although there are some restrictions in building height, as well, adding an extra story to the house will significantly add more living space. The addition of a basement can also be treated as a plus.


Keeping a multi-story house clean is a big chore; some families don’t have the time to do that. A one-story house can easily fit a family of four while keeping the upkeep low.


In case of fire or flood, everyone can be evacuated much faster in a single-story house because there’s no need to warn the kids on the second floor. However, a second story also has its pros, like acting as the high ground for furniture and other possessions during a flood. Myrtle Beach is especially prone to storm surges, so a second floor might help.


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