Bring the Beach to your Home

Are you trying to find cool ways to decorate your home? Why not bring the beach to it? Before you get skeptical, incorporating a beach style to your interior décor is not all seashells and sand. You can give your house a touch of the sea without drowning in cliché accessories.

Don’t go overboard

Use furniture or accents with a nautical theme sparingly. If you have a big piece already, say, a boat-themed bed for the kids’ room or a huge art piece showing the ocean, the rest of the furniture should be classic or neutral. Wooden dressers or coffee tables, as well as simple beddings and drapes, can complement statement pieces.

Work with your wallpaper

If a room has bold wallpaper, the rest of the décor can be plain or mute in texture, and vice versa. For walls with big, colorful prints or motifs, hang art or photos with solid colors, and keep the linens plain white, cream-colored, or dark. For plainly-painted walls, design with rich textures. Use rattan loungers or pinstripe couches.

Keep calm and add color

Choose a color scheme. You don’t have to remodel or buy big, new furniture, but simply switch the colors of your accents and upholstery (e.g. vases, lamps, pillow covers, sheets, etc.) Blue, green, and yellow hues work perfectly in creating a calm oceanic feel to a room.


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