What do Millenials want in a House?

Oftentimes, taste is just a matter of age. In this case, it’s an irrefutable fact that baby boomers and millenials will have different preferences when it comes to real estate. While some might prefer the solitude of being in a quiet, suburban home, others refuse to be torn far away from their busy lifestyle in the big city. So what exactly do millenials want to have in their own house?

Social Home

Millenials are more social people than any generation that’s ever existed before, thanks to the bounties of social media. It’s only common then, that they want their homes to be designed for social gatherings while still remaining cozy and casual. While baby boomers want vacation-style villas or chateaus, hosting home parties is something Generation Y always has on its mind.


When it comes to amenities, Gen Xers typically prefer luxury— maybe a nice Persian rug lining the floors, or perhaps a Jacuzzi out back. When it comes to millennials however, there is only one amenity that is and will always be at the top of their list: Internet. To be specific, Internet-ready homes that efficiently accommodate cables or Wi-Fi.

Urban Sprawl

Most millenials prefer being among the busy streets of the urban jungles than the quiet of a suburban home. This is why many who buy condos or rent apartments in high-rise buildings are young entrepreneurs or businesspeople.


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