Selling your Condo against the Market’s Tide

The economy can be pretty tough when you’re selling something as luxurious as your condo, especially if there are many other people who, just like you, are competing for a slice of the market as well. One solution for this is to simply wait until the tides of market depression subside enough for you to wade in safely— but if you’re sure that you want to sell even if the odds are stacked against you, you can always try these tips:

Compete with Price

Make sure that you don’t overprice your condo to the point that most of your prospective buyers will flock to your competitors upon first sight of your price tag. Do some research on competitive prices of condos in your area and set yours to just below it, if you can afford to.


The value of efficient real estate marketing cannot be more emphasized in a troubled economy. Host an open house and make sure to emphasize everything that makes your condo great in the eyes of your buyers. You should also get your place listed in efficient multiple listing services (MLS). Talk to a Realtor to find out more about this.

Enhance your Unit

Do as many renovations as you can without having to pump up your selling price. Even something as simple as repainting your condo could already have an increased positive effect on your buyers’ minds.


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