Organize an Open House: Tips to Remember

If you want to clinch a sale for your real estate property soon, consider organizing an open house. This will give hordes of potential buyers the chance to check out your home first-hand and picture how they’ll live there. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when setting up an open house:

Clean the home inside and out

Clean the home thoroughly and get rid of all clutter. Don’t leave any stone unturned, so to speak. Hire a professional cleaning service if you feel you are not up for the job.

Choose a good date

A Saturday or a Sunday is a great day to hold an open house. However, be sure to check your local community calendar; don’t choose a date that’s a big day for sports or entertainment fans or you’ll lose a huge chunk of your expected audience. Avoid choosing holidays too.

Offset the odors

Any unpleasant smell in the home can put the entire home in a negative light— despite all your efforts to redecorate or remodel. Unfortunately, homeowners are not the best judges on telling how their home smells because they adjusted to it. For this reason, they should get a trusted neighbor, relative, or friend to be the judge and use the appropriate air fresheners.


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