Beach Decor: Bring in the Ocean into Your Condo

You may already be living in one of Myrtle Beach’s fine seaside condos, but you should take it one step further with a seaside theme. You do not need to actually live on a beach to have that restful ambience that seaside living offers.

Color your world

Applying bright colors to wooden floors will make a porch or kitchen come alive. Alternating bright and pastel stripes will give a room a nautical feel. For furniture or iconic decorative pieces like a beach umbrella or picnic basket, use a surprising color like purple or teal to make them pop.

Add Texture

You needn’t break the bank to bring outdoor touches into your home. Affordable materials such as bamboo, sea grass, jute, or sisal can make great area rugs or applied wall-to-wall. You could also create mini-murals using faux sand, sea stars, shells, and coral.


Here is where actually living next to a beach comes in handy. You’ve got an abundance of decorative items to choose from. With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, these could be turned into little ornaments and treasures for your little seaside escape.

Dress up furniture

Nothing makes a beach house statement more than slipcovered furniture, ideally in cotton duck cloth. These are easy to slip on and off for seasonal cleaning. Drapes should be made of light and airy natural linen that wave in the imaginary ocean breeze. The neutrality of the linen becomes the perfect backdrop for the lively pillows and vibrantly painted ornaments.


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