Myrtle Beach Youth Club gets Full Support from City

It took three years for the old Rivoli Theater in downtown Myrtle Beach SC to be completed, but it will be well worth the effort. The venue has been renamed Ground Zero and will serve as a wholesome youth haunt, complete with activity center, snack bar, theater seating, and stage performance facilities. The city has thrown its full support behind the concept, leasing the property to Ground Zero for $1.00 per year for the next twenty years.

Scary statistics

Studies by the National Institute of Justice have shown that a third of crimes committed by juveniles occur during after school hours. Providing a clean and wholesome environment to remain in during after-school hours would help steer a teen from wrongdoing.

Positive influences

The venue was created for youths to keep them off the street and involved in undesirable activities by surrounding them with positive and constructive influences. Ground Zero opens after school hours for teens to relax and unwind with friends playing video games, socializing, and watching musical or comedy performances.

Collective sigh of relief

This kind of endeavor reinforces the city’s commitment to maintaining the family-friendly image of Myrtle Beach. While locals heave a collective sigh of relief, this should have a positive effect on the buyers of Myrtle Beach houses for sale as well as visitors to the city.

It is said that the youth are the key to a city’s future. Thanks to Ground Zero, Myrtle Beach’s future looks pretty stable and secure.


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