Living It Up in a Bachelor Pad

A break-up can be incredibly difficult for both parties, but it’s not a reason for you to be a recluse for the rest of your life. Instead, you can start moving on, and buying a bachelor pad can help you do that. Here are a few manly essentials to watch out for:

Spacious Living Room

Now that you are on your own, you can direct your focus entirely on your needs and wants. If your realtor is showing you around properties, keep an eye out for a spacious living room wherein you can picture setting up your own entertainment center, including ultra-comfy reclining chairs. A certain condominium’s space is not enough to fit the biggest flat screen TV you can find? Take it off the list.

Area for Bar and Pantry

How can you enjoy a bachelor pad if you don’t have your buddies over to watch sports? This is why it’s important that when checking out the kitchen space, try to envision if you can set up a bar in there—especially if your friends love to drink. Also, check out the pantry area. Is it big enough to stock all the Super Bowl viewing party essentials like bags of potato chips and pork rinds?

Amazing View

With the SkyWheel, Myrtle Beach is one city that boasts of a vibrant setting. Wouldn’t it be great if your bachelor pad allows you to relish that magnificent skyline?


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