5 Must-Have Features of Beach Chic Interiors

The casual, laidback feel could be the main draw of coastal living. When you secure real estate in Myrtle Beach, SC, for instance, you can have a property facing South Carolina’s serene shores and bask in this relaxing sight all day.

Your property’s interiors can also embody this beach chic vibe through the essential elements that are commonly seen on seaside homes. Consider these five must-have features of the classic coastal style when designing your home’s interior, and plunge into that cool, sought-after ambiance:

Plenty of Light

Let the sunshine in as much as possible! Use simple window coverings or treatments.

Plenty of White and Pale Neutrals

From your crisp linens to the clean lines of your coffee tables and cabinetry, the abundance of white brightens up rooms further and gives them an airy feel. Use pale neutrals like sand, gray, charcoal, and powder blue in solids, stripes, or cool patterns in your pillow fabrics or carpets for casual touches of color.

Cozy Couches

Invest on a big white sofa set with feather-fluffed cushions, and have the seats oriented toward your view of the beach for that comforting, lounge-like appeal.

Warm Wicker Accents

Ottomans, baskets for storage, or even a ceiling fan made of wicker (or any other timber materials) are distinctly coastal.

The Distressed Look

If you can’t have white washed wooden floors, opt for distressed paint or weathered wood in your center table, shelving, or headboards.


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