Three Must-haves of a Rustic Bathroom Design

Modeling the bathroom to look and feel like a spa was one of the biggest design trends of 2014. Who wouldn’t want to have a Zen oasis where you can unwind after long tiring days? With a few key elements, you can transform your bathroom in Myrtle Beach, SC homes for sale into a rustic spa. Here are the five must-haves you should consider:

Wooden Tub and/or Shower

Nothing says rustic quite like a deep soaker tub surrounded by wooden planks (or synthetic materials fashioned into wooden planks) and accented with antique brass or copper faucets and levers. You can also make room for a spacious Roman style shower (a step-in shower area with no curbs) with rainfall showerheads for luxurious rinses.


A sauna would definitely inspire a spa-like ambiance, and it’s a great addition to the space if you have a roomy master bath. Alternatively, you can also plan for heated floors and towel racks to make your everyday soaks or showers even more deluxe.

Ornaments from Nature

Don’t let upkeep stop you from decorating with plants and flowers. Look for low-maintenance ornamental plantings that can enhance the old-world appeal of the bath and even give it natural scents. Aside from these, try embellishing with stones or even investing in dated granite or marble vanity counters and tiles for a more countryside look and feel.


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