Design Ideas and Tips for your Rental Beach House

Renting your beach house can be a lucrative venture, particularly if it’s a strategically located property like the various Myrtle Beach houses for sale. If you do decide to be an investor, you must consider the dilemma: “What can I do to make that venture last?” How can you take care of the quality of your property while others, possibly relatives or strangers of any age, are using it? Can the way you design your property help?

Essentially, yes; the furnishings and décor you choose can help in enhancing the house’s appeal and even in lengthening your rental property’s quality lifespan. Here are some design ideas and tips:

Maximize the space and purchase ample furniture

Consider how many people (adults and kids) the space can accommodate, and make sure they’ll have sufficient seating and sleeping spaces. You might want to invest in sleeper sofas aside from big beds for the master bedroom and bunk beds for the other bedrooms, so you can accommodate more people (and even increase your rental price).

Look for furnishings that are fit for heavy use

When you rent a beachside home or a house with a pool, plan for the inevitable. People will be walking around the rooms wet and dripping, setting drinks anywhere, and doing other carefree things that vacationers do. With that in mind, be sure to purchase sturdy furniture and textiles (sofa upholstery, carpets, etc.) that are resistant to stains and versatile against wear and tear. Of course, don’t forget style.


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