3 Ideas for Designing a Bachelor Pad

Gone were the days when a bachelor pad was associated with a messy, cluttered den distinctive of boys who can’t seem to keep spaces clean and organized. Whether you’re a student or a young professional, you can find Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos and make them an elegant and welcoming place. Here are three imaginative ideas for designing your bachelor pad:

A Modish Man Cave

An entertainment area is a must-have for any bachelor pad, and it can be the center of your overall décor. You can make your living room a sleek recreation space for television or movie viewing. You can also allot space for a game room with your favorite console and CDs organized tidily in a classy shelf.

A Space for the Sophisticated Gent

Decorate with clean lines and neutrals for a refined space, and try color combinations beyond the clichés (like black, white, and red or blue). Use grays, warm mahogany tones, or charcoal black with accents of your fancied color. Designate a space as your office to keep it free from distractions and intrusions when you have guests over.

A Homey Hole in the Wall

Are you planning on having a family someday? Make the future transition easy by designing a homey space. Condos can definitely be family-friendly with versatile, timeless furniture, such as plush velvet or linen sofas, sturdy wooden tables and shelving or drawers, and window treatments and carpets with neutral but eye-pleasing prints.


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