More People are Relocating to South Carolina

If a homebuyer’s positive feeling toward a certain state influences their real estate decisions, then South Carolina is definitely getting a lot of love. According to the National Movers Study from the United Van Lines, South Carolina ranked second among the states nationwide with the highest percentage of inbound moves. This study further outlined that, in the nearly 4,100 moves to the state, 61 percent of them were inbound, and 36 percent of them were retirees.

Oregon led the study’s rankings of the states with the highest inbound movers, while North Carolina closely follows South Carolina. The study further saw that, among the people moving to South Carolina, most of them came from Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, and they often cited job-related reasons as the cause of their relocation.

Although some people might be moving to South Carolina for their jobs, most of them who had relocated to the Palmetto State have noticed that the people are diverse and friendly, and most of them are very passionate about the things they do. Moreover, retirees who are moving to South Carolina get to enjoy recreational activities such as lake boating and mountain hiking. Luckily, there are a lot of homes for sale in prime areas like Myrtle Beach for those searching for a better scenery. In fact, people who are interested in relocating to South Carolina are more than welcome to do so.


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