Why Millennials are Entering the Real Estate Market

2014 saw a rise in the number of millennials buying their first homes, and according to the 2015 National Association of Realtors Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study, they actually comprised the largest percentage of homebuyers last year at 32 percent. Looking at this current trend, there are quite a few reasons why millennials have been opting to buy houses.

Rising Rent Costs

In a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, the gap between rent costs and income is becoming unsustainable, with rent increasing by as much as 15 percent over the past five years and renter income increasing by only 11 percent. Most people, particularly millennials, are finding it hard to keep up with the rising rent costs and so opt to pay a fixed monthly payment for a house.Read More »


Houses for Sale: Tips on Buying Rental Properties

If you’re looking to get in on the highly profitable industry of real estate, buying properties to rent out would be a good place to start. As a landlord, you will be able to collect a steady income from this investment venture. If you are planning on investing, you need to be prepared for all the risks involved. The following pointers can help you make a successful investment.

Location, Location, Location

You don’t have to look at very high-end places nor at areas with the cheapest prices. What you need to do is find a place where people actually want to live in. Big cities are often the best choice when it comes to location, since there are many job opportunities, attractions and schools to be found. Read More »

What You Can Do for Profit with Your Real Estate in Myrtle Beach, SC2

Acquiring real estate in Myrtle Beach, SC is a good step towards improving your assets but knowing what to do with it will open even more doors for maximum profitability. As a real estate owner, you should know that not all properties are created equal (and the IRS is there to prove it).
Since Myrtle Beach is home to oceanfront condos and hotels, it would be a crime to let your property just sit there after your vacation is over. Whether to ensure return on investment or you just want to add another source of income, it would be wise to turn your vacation condo into a rental.

The Advantages of Getting Affordable Oceanfront Condos in Myrtle Beach

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves and feeling the warm sunlight and cool ocean breeze on your skin. Can you see yourself beginning your day with a morning jog or a stroll along the beach and eating breakfast while basking in the sun? Everyday can be a vacation if you invest in affordable oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach.
Having an oceanfront real estate property can be a profitable investment. This type of real estate property is highly desirable because of its limited supply due to California’s building restriction on coastal areas. If you’re planning on getting a second home, preparing for your retirement accommodation, or becoming a real estate investor, now is the best time to look into beachside properties.

Myrtle Beach Realtors Offer Guidance in Buying Waterfront Properties

It’s the dream of many people to have a house on the beach. After all, wouldn’t you give up the busy buzz of the city for the soothing sound of the waves? Whether you’re looking for a summer house or a new home to permanently settle in, a waterfront property would be a wonderful choice. Myrtle Beach, SC is among the most desired locations for one, with its 60 miles of sandy beaches and a resort atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Given the demand for these properties, you need to be careful in your selection and enlist the help of the best Myrtle Beach realtors like those at Coldwell Banker Chicora. The following are some pointers to consider in choosing a waterfront property.

Tips for Purchasing a Waterfront Property

Living in a beach front property can mean exciting daily activities such as swimming, fishing, sunbathing and all other things you and your family and friends will surely enjoy. Before making a purchase decision, however, here are some things you have to consider:

Home inspections. Beachfront homes, due to their location, are typically more exposed to weather elements such as the corrosive, salty air than their average counterparts so they require extra care. During inspection, check if the home is built sturdily enough or if you can afford any necessary repairs. Find a qualified home inspector who can point out hazards for better safety.Read More »