What to Inspect before Buying a House

To ensure that the house you plan on buying wouldn’t turn out to be a bad investment, it’s important to inspect it properly before sealing the deal. Other than checking out the neighborhood and the nearby amenities, you need to pay attention to the details of the house itself. Here’s what you need to look into during the inspection.

Inspecting the Home’s Exterior

The first thing that might catch your attention when looking for houses for sale is its exterior, so start your inspection outside. Among the things you should check is the condition of the windows and doors, along with the landscape and surrounding trees that might be too close to the house. The most important thing you need to check is the integrity of the roof to ensure that you and your family will be properly sheltered from extreme weather conditions. Inspecting these things and detecting damages beforehand can be brought up when negotiating the price of the house, where you might need a percentage off the original price for repairs.

Inspecting the Home’s Interior

The next thing you’ll want to see is the home’s interior, and among the first concerns you’ll have are cracked walls and ceilings, the condition of the insulation, and signs of water damage. Also check the condition of the flooring, walls, and appliances. You’ll want to make sure the home’s plumbing system is in order, showing no signs of insufficient water pressure or problems with corroded pipes and drainage.


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