What to Avoid When Buying a House

Now that the real estate market in Myrtle Beach is enjoying a boost from buyers, and with mortgages nationwide reaching affordable rates, it’s only natural for you to think about buying a house because of these desirable circumstances. Along the way, however, you might encounter some snags and obstacles on the road to owning a house, thus real estate experts provide these tips on the things to avoid while you’re on a house-buying journey.


Avoid falling in love with the superficial. Sure, having a beautiful home is at the top of your checklist when looking at properties for sale, but what if an aesthetically striking home presents more trouble with its foundations or roofing? If a house catches your eye due to its aesthetic appeal, ensure that it’s structurally sound first before proceeding.


Avoid being an impulsive buyer. You may have enough money for a down payment, but can you afford the monthly mortgage fees with your monthly income? Some impulsive buyers invest in a real estate property without considering their spending limit and their income earning ability, which are both essential in determining your capability of paying your monthly dues.


Avoid the wrong neighborhood. Aside from the house itself, consider the neighborhood in the area and ensure that it is an ideal place to raise your family. Make sure that important amenities or establishments are nearby, especially in case of emergencies.


Tips for Renting Out Your Myrtle Beach Condo

So you’re buying an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach and you want to pay it off fast? If you’re not using it as your permanent residence, why not rent it out to vacationers or long-term tenants? The rent money may not be that much to offset the overall outlay but at least it can help cover the maintenance expenses. If you consider renting out your unit, here are some tips.

Price it right. Your rental rate must not be far from the average of similar condos in your community. If you work with an experienced real estate professional, it would be easier for you to determine the ideal selling price for your property.

Determine your target market. What does your unit have to offer? If it’s the advantage of being located near schools and it has facilities for students (e.g. an extra space for a library), your primary target will be students.

Tidy up. Get rid of all the clutter, repaint the unit, install useful fixtures, polish your floorings and if needed, hire a home inspector to ensure that your unit’s systems are in good condition.

Advertise. List your unit’s features and pitch how each would benefit your target. For online ads, real estate brokers recommend the inclusion of photos, not only of the unit but of the building’s facilities and neighboring establishments as well.

Find Myrtle Beach Real Estate to Take Advantage of City’s Attractions

The coastal city of Myrtle Beach, SC continues to grow as a golf hotspot. In a report by the Myrtle Beach Sun News, an investment group hailing from China bought two more golf courses, namely the Tradition Golf Club and the Wild Wing Plantation. The investment group is locally established as Founders Group International.

Golf enthusiasts will definitely find the city a desirable place as the courses continue to be developed and expanded. Make no mistake, though; golf enthusiasts are not the only ones the city attracts. Golf is certainly not the only thing that Myrtle Beach has to offer, after all.

North Myrtle Beach Real Estate Presents Many Options for Relocating

The growth of tourism in Myrtle Beach, SC will seemingly continue for some time as companies keep expanding. Showstopper, a local dance competition company, is one such company. WMBF News reports of its planned expansion for its facilities. The company is set to build a 10,000-square-foot facility in order to hold bigger competitions. This would further contribute to sports tourism in Myrtle Beach.

Businesses are in agreement that this planned expansion will have an immense impact on the economy of the area. The crowd that the competitions bring into the area results in an increase in activity for the surrounding businesses. If competitions get bigger, then it follows that a larger crowd will be drawn in. Consequently, there would be more business for the establishments.

Make Your Myrtle Beach Home Market-Ready

Relocating to a new town and selling your Myrtle Beach home? Preparing your property means you should view it in a buyer’s perspective. The key: neutrality. Present your house as a place that a prospective buyer can decorate and call his own. Personal touches, therefore, must be minimized or completely avoided.

Neat Landscape

If your property’s curb appeal is substandard, you already lose half the deal. Enhancing curb appeal doesn’t mean you need to do a complete overhaul, though. Cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, repairing windows, removing your quirky decorations from the yard, and adding some pretty flowers or shrubs around the house are enough to make it appear livelier.

Clean Paint

Bright orange walls are a bit striking, don’t you think? This time, consider repainting them with lighter-earth tone colors or neutrals such as white, mocha, wheat, light grey, to make it look cleaner. Make your house appear like a canvass to paint on, not some kind of colorful nursery school.

Good Lighting

Realtors are likely to turn on the lights when showing your beach home to potential buyers. If any lighting fixture fails or flickers, it communicates to the buyer that your property is not well-maintained. On the other hand, if your interior is well-lighted, it makes your house appear warmer and welcoming.

Bonus tip: Ask your broker what other parts of the property you should improve because he probably knows what buyers find attractive in a house, selling price aside.

Myrtle Beach Realtors Help You Find a Nice and Safe Waterfront Home

A nice house right across the beach is what most people are looking for when they go house hunting at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Then again, house hunters often just base their decision on the property’s size, appearance, and cost, completely leaving out one big factor for waterfront properties—safety from rainstorms or inclement weather. A beach property in any other state might look like it is safe when the sun is shining, but once the storms hit, your family might be in peril. Finding the perfect home where you can rest easy knowing that you’re safe is a top priority. Reliable Myrtle Beach realtors can help you in this regard.

The Importance of Building Codes
According to the latest report of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety on property protection in hurricane-prone regions, South Carolina ranks third highest in safety. Building codes are an important standard to help real estate buyers determine the safety factor of a certain area during harsh weather.