Make Your Myrtle Beach Home Market-Ready

Relocating to a new town and selling your Myrtle Beach home? Preparing your property means you should view it in a buyer’s perspective. The key: neutrality. Present your house as a place that a prospective buyer can decorate and call his own. Personal touches, therefore, must be minimized or completely avoided.

Neat Landscape

If your property’s curb appeal is substandard, you already lose half the deal. Enhancing curb appeal doesn’t mean you need to do a complete overhaul, though. Cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, repairing windows, removing your quirky decorations from the yard, and adding some pretty flowers or shrubs around the house are enough to make it appear livelier.

Clean Paint

Bright orange walls are a bit striking, don’t you think? This time, consider repainting them with lighter-earth tone colors or neutrals such as white, mocha, wheat, light grey, to make it look cleaner. Make your house appear like a canvass to paint on, not some kind of colorful nursery school.

Good Lighting

Realtors are likely to turn on the lights when showing your beach home to potential buyers. If any lighting fixture fails or flickers, it communicates to the buyer that your property is not well-maintained. On the other hand, if your interior is well-lighted, it makes your house appear warmer and welcoming.

Bonus tip: Ask your broker what other parts of the property you should improve because he probably knows what buyers find attractive in a house, selling price aside.


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